Here is a quiz for all my blog readers! The answers will be in the comment box below but have a go first before checking!

Post your scores below – and be honest! smiley

1. In Greek mythology, the winged-horse Pegasus was the offspring of which of the Gods?

2. Which Egyptian pharaoh is credited with ordering construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza?

3. Which French astronomer gave his name to the 4,800km gap between Saturn’s A and B rings?

4. What was the 2009 winner of the Man Booker prize?

5. How many US presidents have won the Nobel Peace Prize?

6. Who is the current manager of Liverpool FC?

7. Which Canadian-born singer who has had chart success with songs such as ‘One Time’ and ‘Baby’ was discovered on Youtube?

8. In the 2009 blockbuster ‘Avatar’ by James Cameron, what is the name of the indigenous species that live on the planet, Pandora?

9. John James Audubon was famous for his paintings of which type of animal?

10. What is the highest waterfall in the US?