smiley I was really thrilled to discover that the e-book version of ‘How To Become A Quizzing Genius’ had made it to No. 15 in one of the Lulu bestsellers chart last month!

Writing this book has been a real labour of love and I have found the whole experience of writing a book very exciting.

I am really grateful to everyone who has helped make the book a success!

If anyone would like to purchase a copy of the book in either e-book or paperback form, just visit

I have tried my absolute best to make the book useful for people who genuinely want to improve their quizzing skills!

The book describes never-before-revealed techniques for learning huge amounts of general knowledge in the shortest time possible.

And don’t expect the book to be full of memory-enhancing mnemonics – in fact, I caution against the overuse of mnemonics in the book!

The book is beautifully-illustrated with full-colour photographs throughout and a great read for people who love to quiz!

To celebrate Christmas, the book is available with 5% discount so if you are thinking of buying a copy, please do!

Hopefully with your support, I can get the book to No. 1 in the Lulu bestsellers chart!

Jamie smiley