Many people have been asking me what an e-book is and whether they should buy the e-book or print version of my book. smiley

Let me start off by saying, I’m grateful to anyone who buys my book in any format! And again, thank-you to everyone who has already purchased a copy.

An e-book is an electronic version of a book that can be read on your computer or laptop.

It really comes down to a matter of personal taste: some people like the instantaneousness of e-books – you can download them in a matter of seconds and start reading! Other people prefer having a physical copy so they can curl up by the fire and read!

So if you were thinking of buying my book in e-book format, please do! It is currently priced at £3.99.

A lot of people have been asking me what inspired me to write the book – so let me share with you the story! smiley

I was recently playing a pub quiz machine and as the winnings began to stack up, people began to gather round and watch me play – and even started to cheer me on! It was really quite funny and I say this not to boast, but because at that very moment, I remembered the fact that I used to be bad at quizzing!

I did well at school – but my capacity to remember little details seemed non-existent!And quizzing is all about little details – names, dates, etc. smiley

So what brought about the change in me?

Well, it all goes back to being in class one day, when a rather mean-spirited and pompous teacher demanded to know who was the smartest child in the class. To my sheer displeasure, several students put my name forward, prompting this rather cantankerous teacher to fire a range of general knowledge questions at me (of which I only managed to answer a handful correctly).

Now, all these years later, a more confident me would have pointed out that general knowledge is no measure of a person’s intellect. But back then, that experience really scarred me! smiley

I vowed (YES, VOWED) that I would never be embarassed like that again and so I set about trying to improve my general knowledge!

I bought probably ever book on the subject of improving memory and learning, and tried everything!

And did I see an improvement? No, actually! I mean, maybe a marginal improvement but certainly nothing on par with the quiz goliaths you see on TV!

So I started to question the ways I was improving my general knowledge and slowly but surely, I started to develop techniques which actually brought about improvements – BIG improvements- in my general knowledge! And that’s when I knew I had to share these techniques with others!

So when people ask me if I’m surprised by the positive response to the book, I always say ‘grateful but not surprised!’ I’m not surprised because I know from my own personal experience that these techniques work and I’m madly-excited to share them!

What about the motivation for creating the quiz-genius website? When I think back to that younger version of myself, struggling to improve my general knowledge – I don’t remember there being a single resource available for people who wanted to improve their general knowledge but didn’t know how to go about it! I want the website to be the resource that I didn’t have growing up! smiley

The quiz heavyweights I saw on TV were inspirations to me growing up because they reminded me what could be achieved if you were committed to improving your general knowledge! Now I finally get to ask them just how they went about developing their quizzing skills!