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This blog is for anyone who wants to improve their general knowledge in record time.

Improving your general knowledge before a job interview!

August 2010 Posted on Sun, August 29, 2010 12:28:25

Many people are told to brush up on current affairs before attending a job interview by learning key facts.

What this fails to recognise is that people who KNOW anything on a subject, do not talk in facts. They’ve already digested the facts and have formed opinions.

So my best advice for anyone wanting to appear more knowledgeable ahead of a job interview is to read or listen to a range of opinionated commentaries on current affairs and economic issues.

Even if you don’t adopt a particular opinion yourself, you will certainly be better able to come up with satisfactory answers if you adopt this approach.


Last-resort quiz strategy!

August 2010 Posted on Wed, August 25, 2010 12:22:05

Here is a last-resort strategy for when you really don’t know the answer on a quiz show! smiley

If the answers appear in boxes, check to see if any of the answers look uncomfortable squished into the box.

If an answer is squished into a box, it may well be the right answer – as question setters will more likely choose a shorter answer to suit the graphics if they are only wrong answers.

This is not guaranteed – but I’ve had a pretty high success rate with this!

Improving your general knowledge need not be a chore!

August 2010 Posted on Wed, August 25, 2010 12:08:31

If anyone envisages improving their general knowledge will be a chore, I hope I can change their mind! smiley

Everyone has busy lives – and the last thing anyone wants to be doing is using their limited time perusing quiz books so just spend a few minutes with me each day enhancing your general knowledge, picking up a few trivia facts or tips from my Twitter or blog!

Improving your general knowledge is an investment!

August 2010 Posted on Wed, August 25, 2010 11:58:54

In today’s economy, suggestions on how people can make a little extra money here and there abound. Improving your general knowledge is rarely considered… but it should be!

For a start, any time spent improving your general knowledge is never a waste of time! An improved general knowledge serves you in more ways than merely financially. It can often make you more appealing to others, enhance your own appreciation of the world and keep your brain in tip-top condition.

Secondly, an improved general knowledge can certainly give you a competitive advantage when going for a job interview with interviewees regularly quizzed on a range of current affairs and other topics.

Thirdly, there are almost limitless possibilities on what you can do with an enhanced general knowledge once you have one! Quiz game shows, competitions, quiz tournaments, pub quiz machines all offer money-making avenues for your general knowledge prowess!

So start putting a little time aside each day to working on your general knowledge – and consider it an investment! smiley